Artifact Evaluation Artifact - Badge

OOPSLA'13 AE Badge
We designed an artifact badge to be shown on the front page of papers with accepted artifacts.

We asked the authors of accepted artifacts to include that badge in the PDF of the camera-ready version of the paper (see corresponding part of Notification message).

Below is a link to the file (the original location of that file is The ZIP file contains all the information needed for incorporating a PDF of the AEC badge into the final PDF of the paper. It also includes a PNG image of the badge for authors to place next to their paper on their own web site. In case you would like to use or modify the AEC badge for other purposes, please contact Steve and Matthias.


In this zip file you'll find pdf and png files for the OOPSLA AEC badge.

You are encouraged to put the badge on your paper (see example.pdf),
following the directions below (we list three distinct ways to do it)

You are also welcome to use the png bitmap adjacent to mark your paper
on your web page if you wish.

Please don't use the badge in any way other than these without first
discussing it with the chairs (Matthias Hauswirth and Steve


If you follow these instructions correctly you should end up with a
stamp on the front page of your paper like in the example
(example.pdf). Note that the example is just an example; the paper in
question is formatted correctly for ooplsa but was not submitted to
the AEC (due to a very obvious conflict of interest).

1. Use latex.

Copy aec-badge.pdf into your paper directory and insert the following
fragment in your paper preamble. You can change the vertical
placement of the stamp by adjusting the '3.5in' in the \raisebox as


2. Use freely available pdftk

Ensure you have pdftk (

The following command will make a version of your paper with the
badge. By choosing a different version of the background (replace the
'a' in the filename with another letter 'b' ... 'e') you'll get the
badge located at slightly different points. Choose the one that works
for you.

% pdftk paper.pdf multibackground aec-badge-a.pdf output paper-badge.pdf dont_ask

3. Use Acrobat Pro (tested on Version 9)

Load your document and then use the Document -> Watermark -> Add... menu.

a. Be sure to select "Page Range Options", top left to ensure only
the first page is marked.

b. Select "File" and "Choose..." aec-badge.pdf

c. Select "Scale relevant to target page", and set it to 10%

d. For Position, set Vertical Distance to 2 inches from top and
Horizontal Distance to 0.75 inches from right.

See acrobatscreenshot.png.

Please let us know if you run into troubles.

-- Steve & Matthias

OOPSLA AEC Chairs, 2013