Artifact Evaluation Artifact

To empower others to build on top of the contributions of a paper.
Goal of OOPSLA'13 AEC

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By Steve Blackburn and Matthias Hauswirth. Spring/Summer 2013.

We co-chaired the OOPSLA'13 Artifact Evaluation Committee. Because this was the first AEC for OOPSLA, we first actually had to design the artifact evaluation process. Of course we did not start entirely from scratch, but we had great input from various colleagues. Nevertheless, we had lots of discussions, took many decisions, and produced various kinds of materials. In short, we produced an artifact. We call it the "Artifact Evaluation Artifact" for OOPSLA'13. On these pages we share that artifact with the public, so that future AEC chairs, AEC members, and program and steering committees can build on top of it.

This artifact is not entirely complete, but we did our best to capture and preserve the relevant information here.