Evaluate Collaboratory Technical Reports

We disseminate some of the outcomes of our collaborations in our Evaluate Collaboratory Technical Report series.

Here is our first report:

  • Evaluate Collaboratory Technical Report #1. Stephen M. Blackburn, Amer Diwan, Matthias Hauswirth, Peter F. Sweeney, José Nelson Amaral, Vlastimil Babka, Walter Binder, Tim Brecht, Lubomír Bulej, Lieven Eeckhout, Sebastian Fischmeister, Daniel Frampton, Robin Garner, Andy Georges, Laurie J. Hendren, Michael Hind, Antony L. Hosking, Richard E. Jones, Tomas Kalibera, Philippe Moret, Nathaniel Nystrom, Victor Pankratius, Petr Tuma. Can you trust your experimental results? February 15, 2012