MobiEval: System Evaluation for Mobile Platforms Metrics, Methods, Tools and Platforms

Main focus is experimental evaluation studies and/or evaluation methodology

A core aspect of any engineering systems research is evaluation: What are the metrics and methods to determine if the system is behaving as expected. In mobile systems, this task becomes more challenging due to considerations imposed by the mobile aspect of the system. This workshop aims to bring together systems researchers to explore the basic question of evaluating mobile systems. Specifically we will examine challenges and advances made in the metrics, tools, methods, and the platforms used to evaluate mobile systems effectively.

Submissions are encouraged to highlight the specific areas relating to mobile systems that make proper evaluation difficult - and include discussions how novel techniques can be used to address the various issues that arise. The focus of the workshop is not necessarily the underlying research for mobile systems, but rather the techniques and
considerations necessary for evaluating and quantifying the gains of the basic research itself. Some example areas where mobile platforms and systems evaluation issues intersect include:

* Reproducibility and Consistency
* Experimental Design
* Power Considerations
* Metrics
* Applications
* Dynamic environments
* Form factor
* Platforms/Test-beds
* Simulation