Report on Workshop on Research in Experimental Computer Science

TitleReport on Workshop on Research in Experimental Computer Science
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsLiskov, B
Corporate AuthorsMIT Cambridge Lab for Computer Science
Date Published06/1992
Accession NumberADA256874
KeywordsComputers, Engineering, Research Management

This report describes a workshop that was concerned with how to improve research in experimental computer science. The overall goal of the workshop was to identity problems and issues in experimental computer science and to propose solutions. The workshop was sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, in coordination with the NSF, DARPA, and other science agencies that participate in the Federal Coordinating Council on Science Engineering and Technology (FCCSET). It was held on October 16-18,1991, in Palo Alto, CA. The workshop consisted of two parts. For the first day and a quarter the entire set of attendees met as a group in an attempt to identify problems and issues that required more detailed discussion. An overview of what happened in these sessions is given in Section 1; Section 1.5 describes some conclusions based on these sessions. The rest of the workshop was spent in small working groups that focused on specific issues. Each of these groups was charged with coming up with a set of proposed solutions to problems in the specific area they were addressing. Section 2 describes what happened in the working groups and the recommendations. Each session (whether attended by the entire group or a subgroup) had a scribe who was responsible for taking notes during that session and providing a written summary, and a session leader who led the discussion and reported on it at the final workshop session. The summaries are included in Appendix A. Information about the program committee and attendees is contained in Appendix B.