Computer Performance Evaluation: Report of the 1973 NBS/ACM Workshop

TitleComputer Performance Evaluation: Report of the 1973 NBS/ACM Workshop
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1975
Document Number406
Date Published09/1975
InstitutionNational Bureau of Standards
CityWashington, D.C.
Keywordscomputer architecture, computer performance evaluation, installation management, Measurement, modeling, monitoring, operating systems, performance objectives

An ACM/NBS Workshop on Computer Performance Evaluation (CPE) was held in San Diego, Calif. in March 1973. The papers, workshop discussions, conclusions and recommendations presented in this volume address specific problems in making computer performance evaluation a commonplace and productive practice.

While several of the conclusions indicate that improvements are needed in performance analysis tools, another suggests that improved application of CPE could be achieved by better documentation of analysis field to develop its full potential. Participants noted that the common emphasis on data collection or modeling, to the exclusion of considering objectives, often seriously degrades the value of performance analysis.